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  • 高考英语作文Do you perfer staying in a place all your life

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    高考英语作文Do you perfer staying in a place all your life

    There is a widespread concern over whether it's a bad thing that people ive in a placeall their live. But it's well known that one man'meat is another man'spoison.

    A majority of people think that staying in a place for a long time is a better choice.In their views there are two reasons contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place,people who stay in one spot can develop a lifetime friendship,and such a friend will give a hand without hesitation if trouble comes .In the second place ,when people move to different places,they usually are under pressue from strangeness.A person may feel lost and tense in a place where streets,stores and schools are all different. As a saying goes :Fear always springs from ignorance.

    people, however ,differ in their opnions on this matter.Some people hold the idea that people shouldn't live in one place through their lives.In their opint of view,on the one hand,people who spend a lifetime in one location can be locked into a limited way of life. A real problem is that life lacks passion.On the other hand,those who move frequently have a variety of outlooks.There is a chance to appreciate different ways of life.

    As far as I am concerned, I finally agree the view that people shouldn't stay in a place all their lives.It's not only because people can broden their vision indiferent places, but also because fear will disappear with time. There is no doubt that nothing brave nothing have.

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