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  • 小学英语作文-改掉坏习惯

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    I like to play computer games so much,我喜欢玩电脑游戏,

    every night, I will sleep very late.每天晚上,我都会很晚睡觉。

    Then the next day,然后第二天,

    I will be very tired我会很累,

    and can’t focus my attention on my study.无法集中注意力在学习上。

    I am so annoyed,我很烦恼,

    I need to change my bad habit.需要改变我的坏习惯。

    So I decide to make some plans.于是我做了些计划。

    I force myself to sleep before 11 o’clock我强迫自己在11点钟之前睡觉

    and play the computer games on weekends.周末才玩电脑游戏。

    Now it works slowly.现在慢慢开始生效了。

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