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  • 介绍动物英语作文初中

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    It was a fine day today and the sun was bright。 I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate, He song。 The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them。 when a bear asked for some food by waving its ann, a visitor threw something to it。 At once I went up to him and said without thinking,'Don't do that。 It's bad for it。 If you really love them, take good care of them。' His face turned red and answered he wouldn't do that again。


    favourite animal is the panda,is our"national treasure",bacause pandas nive,lovable and lively, it was very likr it。 panda is an ancient animal, is a zoologist called "living fossile " long ago there were many pandas in china, panda bamoo living area has large flowers, dead,threatening the survival of giant pandas。 The whole world is extremely concerned about the rare giant panda rescue and transfer work。

    due to the destruction of the natural balance, climate warming, fewer and fewer panda。 Panda is one of endangered animals, now only found in China, sichuan, shaanxi, Gansu, people began to conserve this endangered species。 Today, the number of pandas has increased, but there is still a long way to go。

    Care for animals, is to protect human, we should be animals as man's best friend, to care, to protect them。 Protection of animals is a duty of each person, let us work together to protect the giant pandas, giving them a good home。


    Elephant is the largest animal on land today。 It weights some ninety kilograms and is about one metre high when born。 when it is 12 years old, it studs over three meters and does not grow any more。

    Elephant is usually grey in color, having a long trunk with large ivory tusks protruding from each side of its mouth。 Usually moving in groups and caring for each other, Elephant is know to be a very and gentle creamre。

    For many years people have used the strength of these poweful animals to move trees and heavy logs。 Elephant has been and is a vital tool for people to do many things that would normally be imposs—ible。 Elephant is and will continue to be one of the greatest creatures man has ever come into contact with。 Its size。 beauty, and power willforever be useful to man。


    Panda is one of the scarcest animals。 People in the world like it very much。 There used to be many pandas in China long ago。 As the balance of nature was destroyed and the weather was getting warmer and warmer, pandas became less。

    But at present, the number of pandas is increasing year by year。 There are now so many pandas that some are being sent to other countries so that people there can enjoy them。

    Nowadays, the biggest nature park for panda in China is in sichuan。 There is a research centre for nature and wild life there。 scientists hope that one day they will have enough pandas to be set free and let them live in the wild again。


    my favorite animals are swans。they are white。they can swim very well。I think they look like a beautiful girl in a white dress。they have a pair of wings and they can also fly well。I believe they are angles from the sky。they bring us love and make us happy。they are always friendly to us。

    we can't hurt them,because they are our friend。I love them!I like dogs,too。they are not beautiful,but they are the best friends。they keep the thieves away。Dogs have the best listening and eyes。

    they can hear in the nosiy,see in the dark。If we are in danger,they will help us at once。And they don't mind their lives。so,I love them。

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